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Peblaco offers website design and ecommerce websites. We can create a professional custom website to your specifications, see our portfolio.

Ecommerce Websites

We can create an ecommerce website. We are experts for SellerDeck services and Actinic services.

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Websites We Designed

HTML & CSS Layouts

We can create clean CSS, browser compatible layouts. Making your website quicker to download and search engine friendly.

Functionality Updates

We can add extra functionality to your web site such as rotating image scripts and dynamic effects to give your site more impact.

Logos And Design Changes

We can design new web logos, change your designs colours, add new sidebars or remove them, add information boxes and more.

Navigation Menus

We can design new navigation menus either simple or complex with drop downs, alter existing menus and add new buttons.

Error Corrections

We can correct errors and problems on your web site, fix issues with display problems and browser compatibility and fix broken links.

Image And Colour Editing

We can design new graphics and images for your site, make changes to current images, change colours and create new buttons and banners.

Fonts, Text And Styles

We can change your font styles and font sizes, check you have H1 / H2 / H3 heading tags on your site, add margins and padding.

If you'd like help with your website, get in touch and a web designer will get back to you.

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More About Website Design

Across the world millions of people use the internet every day. Can they find your information?. A website is probably the most cost-effective way of marketing your business or interest. For the same price as paying for a newspaper advertisement, you can get a web site design which will display your products and services to the world 24 hours a day. This makes your web site a must have marketing tool for as long as you need to use it (all you pay after the initial cost of the web site is a yearly renewal cost for the domain name and hosting and any update costs if needed).

Also unlike a newspaper advertisement, with a web site you have the ability to analyse who is visiting your website. You can also use a website to collection information, allow mail forms, add interactivity and much more. Used in the right way, a website can be an effective tool to communicate with your customers and keep them up to date with your information.

You can market your website address on your business stationary, vehicles, letterheads, business cards and so on. If is an effective method of allowing customers to be able to look at your information whatever the time of day it is, even when the office is closed.

Often individuals or companies may want to design and build a web site themselves. But often they find that they do not have the time or skills needed to do it. If the website becomes a main area of your business it often needs to managed regularly. This can mean that you may need employ someone in-house. However then they often need to learn the skills necessary. And if they don't have the design skills, then poorly designed websites can affect the efficiency of the website and reflect on the owner.

Everyone who visits your web site is a potential customer and it is important that they can find your information quickly and easily. Surveys have found that if websites take too long to download or if your information cannot be found easily, users often go to a different web site. It is important that you have a clean well laid out web site design, which is well structured, with simple navigation and quick to load.

It is more cost effective for you to outsource the work to a professional web site designer with the experience and know how to do this for you. Peblaco has the necessary skills to design and build web sites that are well laid out, easy to navigate, search engine friendly and fast to load. These are key elements to think about when building a web site, to ensure the finished result is an efficient professional web site.

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If you need help with your website contact us to discuss your requirements.

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