Our customer service has a reputation of being second to none with a high level of attention to detail and friendly assistance. Peblaco provides first class service throughout projects, from planning, to design and build through to after support. Our years of experience help clients achieve results. Read a selection of testimonials and customer reviews from clients and SellerDeck website users below.

Arka Tribal Jewellery

"I already tell anyone who asks that you're the most helpful techie in Sellerdeck World.. and now I'll shout it to people who don't even ask! Peblaco Rocks. :-)"
Mark - Arka Tribal Jewellery


"Emedica is a leading provider of medical education - we help doctors from all over the world prepare for professional exams. We offer training courses and online revision services, and since 2005 have had over 23,000 course delegates and over 40,000 online subscriptions. Peblaco helped us redesign our e-commerce site about 6 years ago and we were impressed by their professionalism, deep knowledge and ability to solve problems. We had many comments about how nice the site looked, but also how easy it was for doctors to book our courses. With the recent increase in mobile usage, we wanted to update our site to make it responsive. We also needed to update our e-commerce software at the same time and Peblaco was the natural choice. Once again, Peblaco ensured that we were able to update the design and functionality of the site in a very short timeframe, with no downtime while changing over. Peblaco was able to deal with all our queries promptly and made numerous adjustments based on feedback from our team. We are all delighted with the end result - an easy to use, up to date site with social media integration that looks great on any size screen. We have recommended Peblaco several times and will continue to do so - they are our first choice for e-commerce and web development. You can see our new site at http://emedica.co.uk/."
Mahibur - Emedica

Absinthe Online

"I am the founder of Liqueurs de France which has operated the website www.absintheonline.com for 15 years. Peblaco was first recommended to me by my contacts at Actinic (now SellerDeck) and I have been working with Peblaco for many years now. Peblaco have helped overhaul our website several times and designed other websites for us from the ground up. Most recently they produced the responsive design for the present mobile-friendly site. We approached Peblaco because Google had made it clear that they would favour mobile-friendly sites in their search results and we needed a responsive design fairly quickly, Peblaco had developed the original site and were thus best placed to implement the responsive design. Peblaco did a highly professional job, in several instances they uncovered bugs in the SellerDeck software and got these ironed out during the upgrade. They worked closely with us at all stages and communicated regularly by email; the upgrade was carried out in a timely manner and with meticulous attention to detail and the site wasn't handed over to us until all of the changes had been thoroughly tested. The site behaves perfectly on all device platforms and in all browsers and we are delighted at the results. I have always found Peblaco to be extremely helpful and understanding of those who are less technically competent and they are our go-to developer for SellerDeck sites. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business looking for site development."
Ian - Absinthe Online

Scottish Gifts 4 U

"We started our website way back in 2003 using Actinic (now Sellerdeck) with the standard templates that were available at the time. In 2005 when we wanted to improve the look and function of the site it became apparent that this was beyond our capabilities. We decided to employ a company which specialised in Actinic, and we chose Peblaco. A decision that we have been grateful for ever since. We have used their services on several upgrades and redesigns of our site. Our latest involvement with Peblaco was implementing the change to a responsive site using Sellerdeck V14 and we have nothing but praise for the work they have carried out. Every query or problem that we have had has been deal with great efficiency, speed and professionalism. They understand that a website cannot afford to be out of commission for any length of time. Without Peblaco we would not have a fully functioning successful responsive site and I would certainly recommend anyone to make use of their services. We will certainly be using them in the future."
Richard - Scottish Gifts 4 U

Candlelight Company

"We have worked with Peblaco for many years now on various Actinic and SellerDeck design projects and their service has always been exceptional. We knew we had to upgrade our website with the onset of mobile technology having an ever greater impact on the world of e-commerce. SellerDeck 2014 provided the foundation for this but once again Peblaco have provided innovative and yet simple ideas to improve our website further and turn it into a convenient and mobile friendly experience. Communication with Peblaco is always fast, friendly and jargon free enabling the upgrade to be implemented in a hassle free environment and at a very competitive cost. We would recommend Peblaco to anyone requiring a cost effective and high standard website design service."
Ian - Candlelight Company

Alba Yarns

"Peblaco seemed to totally understand my brief to freshen my website and give it a new look. I also had a wish list, which included making the site multi language, adding social networking tools and incorporating a banner with rotating images. The cost was reasonable and I am delighted with the results. Everything I wished for was achieved and lots more with their ideas and suggestions. Their communication was excellent in plain English and nothing seemed like too much trouble. Peblaco goes the extra mile by checking how things are progressing after the initial changes have been made, making further adjustments and offering support and advice as well. All in all, a very positive experience and I would not hesitate to recommend Peblaco."
Joyce - Alba Yarns

Clementine Toys

"We have worked with Peblaco for a good few years now and find that any enquiry, be it a minor query or assistance with a major revamp, has been responded to in a very professional and helpful way."
Lucy - Clementine Toys


"Up until the late 90's, FA Dumont was primarily a wholesale supplier of altar bread and the internet did not have much application for us with our clientele. We had a limited presence but since we started to expand our product line to include the needs of the general population our marketing had to change which required a larger presence on the web. We needed an ecommerce shopping site but did not wish to hire a private consultant to develop one for us from scratch. We looked at various "out-of-the-box" software packages and decided on SellerDeck. It was customized in-house and we used the site for about 3-4 years. The site desperately required further development if we wanted to expand our internet business however. This was beyond anyone's capabilities within the company and decided to look for a designer that could take us to the next level. I wanted to work with a small organization but also experienced. Peblaco had a very nice portfolio of sites that I was very impressed with along with good communication skills. If there have been issues or questions, it's a rare time that I don't get a response within a few hours. So I know that I am being treated as a valuable client not just another customer. Any work accomplished has always exceeded my expectations. My ideas for design concepts were always well understood and Peblaco was always able to get them up on the computer screen better than I had imagined. I believe we have had 2 major redesigns on our website over the years and each time we see the number of orders growing on average each month. What is also important is that the average value of the orders are increasing as compared to when we first started out. I believe this is partly due to a professional looking website and consumers comfortableness with the site. I just hope I had something to do with it too! I will continue to use Peblaco for my existing site upgrades and enhancements."
Stephen - F.A.Dumont

The Outdoor Gear Shop

"We first came across Peblaco through the Sellerdeck community forum when they provided rapid help to a problem we had found on our existing website. The site we had been running at that time was self built and old fashioned and our experience at that time showed that this was the ideal company to use when we were in a position to have the site redesigned. Subsequently we had upgraded to a newer version of the Sellerdeck software but when making design changes to the site layout we found that this was beyond our limited ability and as a result our website started to cause us problems. We contacted Peblaco on a Thursday afternoon, with an intermittent checkout problem and after some discussion it was agreed that they would sort out our design and layout issue as a priority. The result vastly exceeded our expectations and a new problem free professional website was launched the next Tuesday afternoon. Since that launch they have monitored our sites progress and contacted us with useful advice and comments. We will definitely be using them in the future and already have a list of additional work to place with them."
Howard - The Outdoor Gear Shop

Lawrence Art Supplies

"We had begun our new website work with an e-commerce company but progress was slow and they greatly disappointed us. We then decided to use Sellerdeck for a quick fix new website. After e-mailing Peblaco and receiving some excellent advice we decided to give them the work. I had sent mock up images of exactly how we wanted the site to look and was advised that it was possible to design. The communication was good, prices were fair and Peblaco was very professional and delivered on time. Peblaco is extremely helpful, even solving issues and providing advice with areas of our site that they weren't working on. The communication was brilliant, we were kept informed every step of the way with e-mails and phone calls. We even received a check-up phone call a few weeks later to see if we needed further assistance with anything. Peblaco was easy to get hold of and always fast replies to emails and phone calls. Provided advice about features of our site and how they could work better for our customers. The work was extremely thorough and alterations were made quickly and easily. Peblaco is very thorough. They made our site exactly how we wanted it to be just by looking at a mock-up. Everything matched perfectly. We have a fantastic new website which uses new features of Sellerdeck and additional features that we wanted implemented - social media buttons to share products etc. We are proud to direct customers to our new user friendly, aesthetically pleasing website! Thank you so much for helping us with the problems on our website, providing good advice and communication throughout. We couldn't have done it without you! The site looks fantastic and works really well."
Amy - Lawrence Art Supplies

Micro Miniatures

"Our website is now looking great! I can only thank you for your design ideas and the speed with which you implemented them. Communication was excellent, in emails and over the phone, nothing seemed to much trouble. You clearly have an incredible knowledge of Actinic / coding and a very professional approach. ***** five stars."
David - Micro Miniatures

Door Handles UK

"May I also take this opportunity to thank you for all your fantastic help (and patience) you have been an absolute pleasure to deal with and am so glad I can turn to you for the odd tip or two!! I couldn't have progressed any further without your help. Cheers."
Craig - Door Handles UK

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