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Official partner for Actinic & SellerDeck - Over 15 years experience

Peblaco has over 15 years experience creating SellerDeck website designs for SellerDeck ecommerce software.

SellerDeck Website Design And Development

  • Mobile friendly websites with a responsive layout adapting for different devices
  • Review your website for problems and make improvements for customer usability
  • Clean coding for different devices and computers, web browsers and search engine listings
  • Professional designs are optimised to help increase enquiries and sales conversation rates
  • Access our exclusive premium support and excellent customer service

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Premium SellerDeck Custom Websites We Designed

Below are a few examples of our bespoke SellerDeck websites. See more websites on our portfolio.

Customer Reviews

"You clearly have an incredible knowledge and a very professional approach. ***** five stars."
David, Micro Miniatures

"I have always found Peblaco to be extremely helpful and understanding of those who are less technically competent and they are our go-to developer for SellerDeck sites"
Ian, Absinthe Online

"We have worked with Peblaco for many years now on various Actinic and SellerDeck design projects and their service has always been exceptional"
Richard, Scottish Gifts 4 U

Read more highly rated reviews on our testimonials page.

Building A Successful SellerDeck Website

We can analyse your website, highlight areas which may be underperforming and advise how we can improve them.

Creating an attractive and functional SellerDeck design helps customers to find your website, creates an engaging user experience, so that visitors stay for longer, find the information they are looking for and purchase from your store easily and securely.

We build all of our layouts using modern CSS style sheets for a cleaner, faster layout. Layouts are search engine friendly and we include heading tag places olders to improve natural search engine listings.

New layouts are integrated correctly into the software and allow the merchant control over editing the design content quickly, with instructions on correct use of any new layouts or settings.

Website features can include:

  • Integrating SellerDeck with social media networks, sharing and bookmark tools, so that customers can share links and content on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest etc
  • Embedding videos from your YouTube channel videos into your SellerDeck product pages
  • Adding multiple product images with mouse over, Lightbox / popup effects or Magic Zoom images to enable customers to see detailed views of products
  • Optimised checkout process to reduce the risk of shopping cart abandonment and make it clear to customers the process to follow to complete an order

Exclusive SellerDeck Support

We offer an exclusive expert SellerDeck technical support service. See our SellerDeck support.

Time is money. Don't waste hours trying to resolve an issue in SellerDeck which could be spent managing your business.

SellerDeck Website Packages

We have a range of SellerDeck solutions, from customising templates and themes to bespoke and custom design and development.

We can offer changes including:

  • Design and optimisation
  • Adding additional layouts
  • Third party plugins, add-ons, scripts and customisations
  • Integrating provided designs or converting a current website to match SellerDeck
  • Upgrading older versions of Actinic and SellerDeck to the latest SellerDeck version
  • Altering existing websites to make customisations or carry out maintenance

Do You Already Have A Design Or Website To Use With SellerDeck?

We can convert your design or website code into SellerDeck layouts. We can work with a variety of formats such as Adobe Photoshop PSD, Fireworks PNG, PDF, JPG, Dreamweaver HTML / CSS, or use code from your existing web site to create layouts and integrate into SellerDeck for a seamless design on all pages. Any design can be integrated into SellerDeck, you are not restricted to having navigation or content in certain places or styles. As long as you remember to include links for shopping cart, basket, checkout, shop menu, site map, terms and search box.

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If you need help with your website contact us to discuss your requirements.

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