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SellerDeck upgrade refers to the upgrade of a SellerDeck ecommerce software website. If you are upgrading and need help we have an upgrade service.

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Advice On Upgrading

If you are considering upgrading the software it can affect layouts and functionality, we recommend contacting us first for free initial advice.

Information on common SellerDeck upgrade problems are listed below.

Upgrade To SellerDeck 2018, 2016 or 2014

The latest software SellerDeck 2018 was released on 13th April 2018.

SellerDeck 2016 was released on 6th October 2015. See further information on SellerDeck 2016.

SellerDeck 2014 features responsive design themes for mobile devices such as smart phones, social media links, improved PayPal integration and GFS shipping.

SellerDeck Upgrade Service

SellerDeck software periodically release patches to fix bugs or new versions of the software to offer enhanced functionality. For owners of the software to upgrade from an earlier version it is often a case of purchasing an upgrade from SellerDeck software, installing the new software and importing their old snapshot. Although sometimes upgrading can be problematic.

SellerDeck Upgrade Problems

Upgrading SellerDeck software to a newer version sometimes causes layout or functionality problems. This is common with websites that have had a custom design applied, but can sometimes also happen with default themes. Peblaco has experience upgrading many SellerDeck sites and understands problems that can arise when upgrading to a new version. There are several common problems that can occur when upgrading SellerDeck software.

When upgrading the software to a new patch or major release it uses an auto-upgrader to make changes.

1) Scripts are replaced - Javascripts and Perl scripts in patch versions and major releases are updated to add new code to fix issues or add new features. New versions of scripts are copied into the site installation folder. Any previous customisations made to scripts are therefore wiped and replaced with new files. That could affect any customisations made or plugins that had been added.

2) Layouts are upgraded - The auto-upgrader retains old design layouts and tries to add in new code. It looks for default code in the layouts to use as a reference place to add new code. However the problem with a custom design is it may not have default code because it has been customised, so the auto-upgrader may fail to add new code. When new code is left out it may mean that software functionality and features may not work correctly or may not display correctly. Alternatively, other problems could arise, such as a piece of default code which was moved may result in new code added in an unexpected position, or there could be conflicts between old custom code and new default code.

3) Mobile responsive - When upgrading from an older version of the software to SellerDeck version 2014 or newer it will not automatically make the layout responsive and mobile friendly. The software auto-upgrader retains old design layouts which will keep the old fixed width layout. To make the website responsive and mobile friendly would require either 1) remove the old design and apply one of the new default responsive themes, 2) convert the old design into a mobile responsive layout or create an entirely new custom mobile responsive design which would also require custom code.

If issues are left un-checked or un-noticed by website owners they could cause problems with website functionality, impacting visitor use and sales.

Upgrade problems can be corrected by having an expert check the software upgrade and manually correcting settings and layouts where required.

Peblaco has a lot of experience upgrading SellerDeck software. Peblaco offers SellerDeck upgrade services for users who are currently using an old version of Actinic software such as 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 and wish to move to a newer SellerDeck version 2013, 2014, 2016 or 2018.

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