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SellerDeck themes for SellerDeck ecommerce software websites.

Custom SellerDeck Themes

If you would like a more custom design, Peblaco can create designs for older SellerDeck 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 themes, or for newer SellerDeck 8 / 9 / 10 / 11, 2013, 2014 or 2016 themes. See SellerDeck web design.

If you prefer a SellerDeck theme to be customised see SellerDeck themes.

What Is A SellerDeck Theme?

SellerDeck software comes with a set of default "SellerDeck Themes". A SellerDeck theme is a ready made default SellerDeck design which you can apply to your SellerDeck site to give it a different design.

You can browse the default SellerDeck themes in the software from the Design > Themes menu which shows a preview of the theme layout. Note: Changing a Theme will change all of the default layouts on your website and overwrite any previous changes made to the SellerDeck templates.

The SellerDeck themes are generally made up of a selection of basic CSS layouts with menus and buttons giving users a basic start to their ecommerce store layout.

As well as being able to choose a new theme layout for the site, you can also choose the colours that appear in the layouts.

What Is A SellerDeck Colour Scheme?

All the default SellerDeck themes colours can be changed, this is done through a process called "colourisation".

Once the Theme has been selected you can go to the Design > Themes > Advanced Themes > Color Scheme menu in SellerDeck to change the colours on the layouts.

You can either select one of the pre-selected SellerDeck colour schemes, or if you have your own shades of colours you would like to use you can enter them.

You can change the main design colours, text, background, links and form areas from this menu and apply them to your design.

If you are interested in a custom SellerDeck design see SellerDeck website design.

Or Peblaco offers customised SellerDeck templates & themes.

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