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SellerDeck SEO is search engine optimisation specifically for SellerDeck ecommerce software websites.

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SellerDeck Optimisation Checklist

1. Have you added original content?

Write original content, avoiding duplicate text, make sure it is informative and includes the main keywords for the page.

2. Have you filled in the meta tags?

The important ones are Meta Page Title and Meta Description (a short sentence about the page). The Meta Keywords field, whilst recommended to still fill in, is not as important nowadays as many search engines no longer use this field.

3. Are you using H1, H2, H3 heading tags?

These heading tags tell search engines the important titles on your page, H1 for the most important heading (such as section name), H2 and H3 for sub headings.

4. Have you built incoming links?

Make sure to build and exchange quality relevant incoming links to your site.

5. Are you using a cleanly built layout?

Sites with outdated code can make it difficult for search engines to read your main content. An updated SellerDeck web design could make your site more efficient and quicker and can make a difference to your results and site performance.

SellerDeck SEO Services

Even if you have gone through the check list above, you still may not be achieving high search results. This can be for a variety of reasons. You may have a low Google page rank through not enough incoming links, you may have too few or too many keywords or maybe you just need help with the above tips such as checking your layout and heading tags.

Or you may be relying on Google Adwords and PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising to get visitors to your site. This can add an expensive ongoing cost to your site and deprive you of the 75% of users who use the natural listings rather than clicking on paid for ads. So it is worth investing in optimisation for natural listings.

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