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SellerDeck responsive website designs are mobile friendly, the layout responds to fit different devices and screen sizes, smart phones, iPhones, iPads, tablets, laptops and desktop computers.

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SellerDeck Mobile Responsive Website Design

Peblaco offers services for SellerDeck mobile responsive website design. Including custom mobile responsive templates, themes and responsive design.

SellerDeck Mobile Responsive

How Does A Mobile Responsive Layout Work?

A responsive website layout uses CSS styles which responds to different screen sizes and adapts the layout to fit the screen size, from smart mobile phones through to a desktop PC. Typically a responsive layout will fill the whole screen on a laptop or desktop PC often with a wide horizontal mega menu with drop downs for sub sections at the top. Layouts can have either one or two sidebars and with the wider central area it allows for display of larger images and content.

On smaller screen devices such as smart phone mobiles and tablet computers (usually in portrait view) the layout adapts and the top menu changes to a button or link which can be tapped on to show a drop down menu of links. Content such as columns, text and other elements wrap onto the next row and images resize and shrink to fit. Sidebars are wrapped underneath the main content and display at the bottom of the layout. This makes the layout more compact and allows visitors on mobile devices with a small screen to see the main content at the top of their page.

Do I Need A Mobile Friendly SellerDeck Website?

Before the invention of smart phones, iPads and tablet computers, most website users only had laptop or desktop computers and websites were created at a fixed width. However with the majority of website visitors now using smart phones and tablets to visit websites, fixed width websites do not fit smaller screens, the website is squashed into a small screen making it appear small, text is difficult to read, content such as tables, images, text and buttons may be too wide and push off the side of the screen and users have to zoom in and scroll around to see all of the screen. That creates a usability problem as it makes your website more difficult for customers to use effectively. They may have difficult finding information or ordering. A mobile responsive layout means your design will fit any device and screen size making it easy for everyone to access your website, find the information they are looking for and make an enquiry or complete an order.

Having a mobile responsive website can also help your search engine rankings. In early 2015 Google changed their guidelines on mobile friendly websites and announced a change to their ranking algorithm. On 21st April 2015 Google began to rank mobile friendly websites higher for searches from mobile devices. Also Google recommends a responsive layout when creating a mobile friendly website.

If your website is not mobile friendly this can be detrimental to both your website visitors and your search engine rankings.

Is My Website Mobile Friendly?

If you are using an older layout it is likely your website is not responsive or mobile friendly. You can use the Google mobile friendly test to enter your website URL address and check your website, it will tell you if your website is mobile friendly or not.

How Can I Make My SellerDeck Website Responsive And Mobile Friendly?

We will be happy to take a look at your website and advise you.

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