SellerDeck Development

Expert for SellerDeck & Actinic desktop - Over 15 years experience

SellerDeck development for custom and enhanced functionality of SellerDeck ecommerce software.

SellerDeck Website Developers

We carry out custom SellerDeck development work. Several solutions we have created for clients have included:

  • CSS layouts with switchable sidebars
  • Addition of SellerDeck variables for extra custom fields
  • Customisation of Javascripts such as stock control messages
  • Customisation of Perl scripts to enhance functionality

SellerDeck Plugins

We can add additional functionality for SellerDeck via Plugins such as multiple image views, rotating image scripts and dynamic menu systems.

SellerDeck Customisation

See more information about SellerDeck layouts and SellerDeck themes.

Client Testimonials

"You clearly have an incredible knowledge of Actinic / coding and a very professional approach. ***** five stars."
David, Micro Miniatures

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