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SellerDeck desktop ecommerce software was launched in 1996. Originally called Actinic software, it is a range of software which can be installed onto a computer, it features a content management system, product editing and order management.

SellerDeck 2018 software

The latest software SellerDeck 2018 was released on 13th April 2018.

SellerDeck 2016 software

The software SellerDeck 2016 was released on 6th October 2015.

SellerDeck Trial Download

Before buying SellerDeck software, Peblaco recommends that you download a SellerDeck trial version which you can try free for 30 days.

SellerDeck Versions

There are several different versions of SellerDeck available, which have different features.

SellerDeck Business

SellerDeck Business is a business level software package for merchants. It offers a single site licence to create one online ecommerce web site. Cost: Around £999+VAT

There are other versions including Business Plus for multi-user and multi-sites and SQL and enterprise versions for website owners with larger databases and requirements for higher capacity.

SellerDeck Older Versions

For older versions of SellerDeck before the rebranding see Actinic ecommerce software.

SellerDeck Website Design Services

SellerDeck software comes with a range of default templates, however many people prefer something more customised or want to match their existing website. Peblaco creates personalised SellerDeck designs and customises SellerDeck templates and themes. Upgrades, corrections, updates and search engine optimisation also available. See our SellerDeck services.

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