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SellerDeck Cloud is an online ecommerce software server hosted platform announced 16th September 2015 at the SellerDeck conference. It is separate to the desktop software that users can install on their computer. The new version SellerDeck Cloud is based online so can be accessed from anywhere using a web browser. SellerDeck are taking enquiries for custom projects for SellerDeck Cloud.

SellerDeck Cloud Review Of Features

  • Based on Magento a well known open source ecommerce platform
  • Administration accessed online anywhere using a web browser
  • Add your own content, product, images, choices etc
  • Design themes including mobile friendly layouts
  • Range of modules and plugins to extend the software
  • Use well known payment service providers
  • Hosting, upgrades and backups managed by SellerDeck

Difference Between SellerDeck Desktop And SellerDeck Cloud

Desktop software - The SellerDeck desktop ecommerce software can be downloaded and installed on a computer which uses the Windows operating system. The desktop software has an easy to use interface to add pages and content and stores the information in an Access or SQL database on your computer hard drive. The software uses an FTP connection to upload files from the software to a hosting server to appear on the website and orders can be downloaded from the server into the software. The software and data is completely owned and managed by the website owner and they are also responsible for managing software upgrades and backups.

Cloud software - The new SellerDeck Cloud platform is offered alongside the existing SellerDeck desktop ecommerce software. SellerDeck Cloud uses Magento an online ecommerce software server hosted platform. The software, database and data is all hosted online by SellerDeck instead of on your computer. The cloud system can be accessed anywhere by logging into an administration area using a web browser to add pages, products and content. Changes are applied instantly and orders can be accessed on the website. As it is a hosted ecommerce solution, all of the system upgrades and data backups are managed by SellerDeck.

SellerDeck Cloud Website Design, Templates And Themes

SellerDeck Cloud allows application of a new custom website design or templates and themes to change the layout of your website.

Alternatives To SellerDeck Cloud

If SellerDeck Cloud does not suit your requirements SellerDeck also has a long-standing desktop ecommerce software (formerly known as Actinic desktop ecommerce software) which has been established for over 15 years. It can be installed on your computer and is self owned and self managed. The software has a user friendly interface, offers many ecommerce and marketing features, allows full control of your website, with responsive mobile friendly layouts and can be customised to apply a professional design. Peblaco has over 15 years experience with SellerDeck desktop design and development.

There are also other alternatives, we can give advice for specific requirements.

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