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Peblaco offers SellerDeck services. SellerDeck is an ecommerce software company UK based and founded in 1996. Formerly called Actinic desktop, SellerDeck has an estimated 2000 websites using the desktop software. SellerDeck offer two solutions, a desktop ecommerce software and a new cloud ecommerce software.

SellerDeck Expert Website Services

Peblaco is a SellerDeck expert with over 15 years experience, we have worked on a large number of SellerDeck websites and have an extensive knowledge of the software. Peblaco has been one of the top contributors in the SellerDeck community with advice and help for users. We offer consultancy, strategy, usability, design, development, templates, themes, upgrades, maintenance, SEO, marketing, exclusive support and premium customer service. We help clients increase enquiries and sales. Our high standard of work has received highly rated reviews.

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Are You Having Problems With Your SellerDeck Website?

Is your website struggling? An ineffective website can impact on your business:

  • Causes you worry and hassle
  • Errors interrupt your day
  • Inefficient management of software and content
  • Trying to manage issues takes up your time
  • Unable to impliment new updates
  • Unattractive design gives a bad impression
  • Poor usability makes website difficult to use
  • Customers leave resulting in lower sales
  • Lack of promotion and marketing
  • Need for reliable support assistance

We Can Remove Problems For A Smooth Running Website

  • Take away the worry and hassle
  • Resolve software and website errors
  • Guide you on effective strategy for software and content management
  • More free time to concentrate on running your business
  • Give you new ideas for improving the website
  • Professional design for unique branding
  • Improve usability with clear navigation
  • Optimise pages to help increase orders
  • Advise you on implimenting marketing, SEO and social media
  • Access our exclusive expert support

Take Away The Worry And Hassle

If you are experiencing problems with your SellerDeck website these are likely to be causing you concern. Why struggle on each day worrying about problems with your website? When you put your website into the hands of a professional you can rest easy, assured issues are being dealt with by someone with the expertise and knowledge to put it right and give you peace of mind.

Resolve Software And Website Errors

We can help to resolve software and website errors. Perhaps you get errors in the software when you try to upload the website? or maybe there are errors showing on the page layouts which are not only a concern to you but also might be putting off website visitors?. We are well versed in a multitude of SellerDeck and website errors and understand how to fix them correctly.

Effective Strategy For Software And Content Management

If you have been managing the software yourself for some time then you may not be aware of the best practices for managing the software. You could be carrying out tasks which take you too long, be adding content which is not correctly optimised or have a poorly structured site. We can advise you on the best solutions for managing the software and website content.

More Free Time To Concentrate On Running Your Business

Managing a website where errors and issues interupt your day and using the software ineffectively can take up your time. You may also be getting telephone calls from customers who are having problems using website. When we fix your website issues and guide you on how to use better strategies for managing the software and content this will free up your time. Time which can be better spent doing important things like running your business, dealing with enquiries or fulfilling orders.

New Ideas For Improving Your Website

We can analyse your website and come up with a range of new ideas and solutions geared towards improving your website for your customers. This could include suggestions for effective design and development work, new layouts, adding additional content, new features, installing plugins and add-ons to extend the functionality of the website.

Professional Design For Unique Branding

Peblaco is an expert at creating bespoke SellerDeck design solutions. Having used the software for over 15 years we have worked on hundreds of websites and can create a unique branded ecommerce website for your business. Designs can be created for the home page, section categories, product, shopping basket / cart and checkout as well as other pages. All custom designs we create are carefully crafted with clean coding, correctly integrated with the software and we guide you with step by step instructions.

Improve Usability With Clear Navigation

Many websites have poor navigation which is not clear and does not help the customer find the information they need. This may result in customers leaving the website and going to a competitor instead. We create layouts with clear navigation and buttons which assists customers in finding the information they need and progressing them through the website and the ordering process.

Optimise Pages To Help Increase Orders

We optimise page layouts for download and usability. We don't over complicate layouts with bulky images or animations and we create clean looking simple to use layouts. To reduce the risk of shopping basket abandonment we create optimised layouts for the basket and checkout to assist customers in moving through the different stages to complete their order.

Advise You On Implimenting Marketing, SEO And Social Media

SellerDeck software allows you to enter titles, descriptions and file names. We can advise on the best format to use for these fields and how to structure your pages and content to improve them for natural search engine listings. We can also advise on using social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter pages and linking them from your website, as well as other marketing strategies.

Access Our Exclusive Expert Support

Peblaco offers an exclusive expert SellerDeck technical support service. We are very experienced in all areas of the software and can assist clients with a variety of issues, including fixing errors, carrying out upgrades, layout issues and general help. We are dedicated to offering premium customer service and this is reflected by clients who gave us highly rated reviews.

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