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A guide to the main requirements when building an ecommerce website.

1. Domain Name & Web Hosting

You will need a domain name and a hosting package. If using SellerDeck software you can use a hosting server with Windows, UNIX or Linux server (Linux is recommended). Your computer will need to meet the system requirements. Your hosting server will need to meet the requirements listed in the advanced user guides.

Depending on the hosting company you can expect to pay from £50 - £250+ for hosting yearly renewal costs for a smaller site. You may need to pay more if your site is larger or busier and uses more bandwidth (data transfer).

2. Ecommerce Software

There are many types of ecommerce software and the type depends on your requirements. We are accredited developers for SellerDeck services and Actinic services. SellerDeck and Actinic are ecommerce software solutions which allow you to manage your own ecommerce website. You can add your own brochure pages, product details, images, publish pages and access orders any time.

SellerDeck desktop ecommerce software costs around £999+VAT and extra for multi-user and multi-site licences. More information.

3. PSP Payment Service Provider

To take payments on your website, you will need a PSP (stands for payment service provider). They will securely take credit card payments on your behalf and also comply with PCI DSS guidelines. SellerDeck offers a wide range of trusted payment providers already built into the software. See UK Payment Gateways.

4. SSL Certificate

Card details are taken securely by a PSP, but industry experts recommend purchase of an SSL certificate from the hosting company to encrypt the data of the checkout, show security to web browsers and improve search engine rankings. This will further increase the security of your customers name, address, email, phone details etc and it will also display a padlock on the page which give shoppers confidence to purchase safely. SSL certificate costs vary in the region of £50 - £250 per year.

5. Website Design

Many people prefer a personalised design for their ecommerce website, either made to match an existing site or a new design. Design costs can vary. For SellerDeck and Actinic designs, see SellerDeck website design.

6. Building Website Content

Building content can be done before or after applying a design, because you can change the design without affecting site content.

Many people enter their own site content which does not cost anything except some of your own time. If you need someone to enter products to get you started, please contact us for advice.

7. Online Marketing

When we build your site we make it search engine friendly by using CSS style sheets and techniques and being sure to include heading tags. Along with good original content this helps your search results.

You may still need to do further work to compete with competitors. You could either set up Google Adwords for instant promotion or in the long term it may be more efficient to have your site optimised for natural listings with search engine optimisation.

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