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Information below is for Actinic desktop ecommerce software versions 3 to 11. From version 11 the software was rebranded SellerDeck. The name Actinic was taken over by Oxatis an online ecommerce system. SellerDeck no longer support old Actinic software, only SellerDeck 11, 2013, 2014 and 2016.

Peblaco offers services and support for Actinic versions 3 to 11 as well as new SellerDeck versions.

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Exclusive Actinic Technical Support Services

If you own Actinic version 10 or below, you may be aware that at the end of August 2013, SellerDeck stopped supporting version 10 or older versions. However, Peblaco still offers support for older versions of Actinic software from versions 3 to 11.

Please Note: If your older Actinic software should have an irrepairable problem such as a corrupt database which prevents you operating the software, you can create a backup and attempt a repair using Microsoft Access, however the only way to fix it may be to send it to the SellerDeck software support team, to do this you would need to upgrade the software to the latest version to receive their support.

We offer consultancy, advice and support for issues relating to software use, maintenance, we can help fix problems and errors.

We offer an exclusive expert Actinic technical support service. See more details of our latest services at SellerDeck support.


We still recommend users on older versions of Actinic desktop software upgrade to the latest version of the software as it offers many new and improved features as well as bug fixes and security updates. Upgrading to a new version of the software can affect your settings and layouts, see our advice on SellerDeck upgrades.

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