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Information below is for Actinic desktop ecommerce software versions 3 to 11. From version 11 the software was rebranded SellerDeck. The name Actinic was taken over by Oxatis an online ecommerce system. SellerDeck no longer support old Actinic software, only recent SellerDeck versions.

Peblaco offers services and support for Actinic versions 3 to 11 as well as new SellerDeck versions.

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Actinic SEO

Actinic SEO is search engine optimisation specifically for Actinic ecommerce software websites.

Peblaco offers services and advice about optimising your Actinic desktop software website for search engines. We can take a look at your site and make recommendations about possible changes you may need to make that could help, or advise if your website would benefit from on-going optimisation. Actinic desktop has rebranded, see our services at SellerDeck SEO - search engine optimisation.

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