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Actinic Online was launched in 2011. Actinic the UK ecommerce brand joined forces with Oxatis, a French company and Europe's leading provider of SaaS "Software as a service" to create an online cloud based ecommerce service. In June 2012 the Actinic desktop ecommerce software was rebranded "SellerDeck", see SellerDeck services.


Oxatis are a French based company and well known ecommerce provider in Europe. Oxatis UK Limited now own the Actinic brand name.

Actinic Online powered by Oxatis

Difference Between Actinic Oxatis and SellerDeck Desktop Ecommerce Software

Actinic powered by Oxatis is a cloud based ecommerce solution, meaning that the software and hosting is entirely online and can be accessed and managed using a web browser control panel, similar to it's predecessor Actinic Express.

For users who prefer to own the software themselves and run it locally on their computer there is still the option of the original Actinic desktop software product, it was rebranded "SellerDeck", see SellerDeck services.

Actinic Oxatis Features

  • Access via a web browser from any computer
  • Monthly subscription
  • Pricing structure based on usage
  • Content management
  • SmartSkins design tool
  • Customisable templates
  • Product management
  • Stock levels
  • Digital downloads
  • Discounts and coupons
  • Order processing
  • Advanced reporting
  • Secure hosting
  • Secure payment processing
  • Delivery and shipping options
  • Customer accounts / groups / order tracking
  • Multi-language
  • Integration with eBay, Facebook, Amazon Marketplace
  • Integration with price comparison websites Google Product Search, Kelkoo, Twenga, Pricesavvy and Ciao
  • Marketing, newsletters, advertisements
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Import / export data
  • Mobile phone website store for mobile devices
  • Mobile assistant
  • Free telephone and online support

Actinic Oxatis Website Design

Actinic website designs can be customised by altering one of the existing SmartSkins or creating a custom design and applying it to the website.

Actinic Oxatis Templates

Actinic templates for the monthly subscription service cannot be imported as a single file, the layouts needs to be changed by logging in and editing the templates.

Actinic Oxatis Upgrade

When using an Actinic Oxatis website you won't need to pay for future website upgrades to a latest versions because the software is hosted online and any updates are made across all customers and included in the subscription price you pay. The Oxatis system would automatically provide you with the latest version of the software and features and periodically add new features to their system which are automatically rolled out to all customers.

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