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Information below is for Actinic desktop ecommerce software versions 3 to 11. From version 11 the software was rebranded SellerDeck. The name Actinic was taken over by Oxatis an online ecommerce system. SellerDeck no longer support old Actinic software, only recent SellerDeck versions.

Peblaco offers services and support for Actinic versions 3 to 11 as well as new SellerDeck versions.

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Actinic Desktop Versions 3 to 11

Desktop software licences including Catalog, Business, Business Plus, Developer, Client, Designer, Enterprise and EPOS.

Below is a summary of the release history.

Actinic Version 11

Actinic v11 included the following changes:

  • Easy Windows interface and menus
  • Add up to 20,000 products
  • Add sections, products, options, sizes etc
  • Digital download products
  • Customise layouts using menu settings
  • Download orders, print out invoices
  • Customer accounts, track orders online
  • Mailing lists and discounts
  • And much more

After Actinic 11 the desktop software was rebranded, read about the latest software at SellerDeck ecommerce software.

Actinic Versions 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

Details to follow.

Actinic Version 6

Released in September 2002, Actinic v6 included the following changes:

  • Brochure pages - For information content management
  • New layouts - 14 new layouts
  • Extended Info popups - For product extended information and image popups
  • Enhanced product components and associated product name and tax
  • Shopping modes - Single add to cart button
  • Shopping cart / basket - Edit, save and retrieve orders
  • Personal privacy policy (P3P) - For shoppers with high browser security setting
  • Digital downloads plugin
  • Consignia / Parcel Force - Order tracking
  • Business version includes:
  • Products only visible to logged in customers

Actinic Version 5

Actinic v5 included the following changes:

  • Template navigator (WYSIWYG)
  • Dreamweaver extension
  • New themes and ability to save and export custom themes
  • Search bar template
  • Export catalog and shipping data and hierarchical file exports
  • Section page name url editing
  • Add to cart / basket button image
  • Design > Text menu for site wide text and HTML management
  • Javascript menu for use on external pages
  • CSS style sheet based theme using actinic.css
  • Components specify out of stock products / Component weight for shipping / Associated product prices
  • Section previous and next buttons
  • Search results with tax inclusive pricing
  • Shopping cart / basket items and total
  • Post code validation
  • SSL secure certificate checkout
  • Payment method table selection and location dependant
  • Upgrader for templates and scripts
  • Order reports
  • Customer emails
  • Terms and Conditions returns policy and contact information

Actinic Version 4

Released on 3rd August 2000, Actinic v4 included the following changes:

  • Snapshot - For site backups
  • Network settings - Wizard for setup to ISP / FTP hosting server connection
  • Additional themes
  • Product options - Attributes / drop down lists / radio buttons
  • Shipping and handling charges
  • Stock levels
  • Tax rates
  • Search - For text, pricing and attributes
  • Payment service provider separate installation
  • "Remember me" - checkout address storage
  • Address book for checkout addresses
  • Back orders - Split order if not in stock
  • Order confirmation email
  • Business version includes:
  • Customer accounts
  • Discounts
  • Product link to another database

Actinic Version 3

Released in 1999, Actinic v3 was one of the earliest versions of the software.

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