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Peblaco offers Actinic services. Actinic is an ecommerce software company. They launched a desktop software and there are now two versions, a desktop software and a cloud software.

1) Actinic Desktop Ecommerce Software Renamed SellerDeck In 2012 from version 11.0.3 Actinic desktop ecommerce software was rebranded SellerDeck. SellerDeck continue to sell desktop software with new versions 11, 2013, 2014, 2016 and 2018. Peblaco offers services and support for old Actinic desktop versions 3 to 11 and new SellerDeck versions.

2) Actinic Online Cloud Ecommerce System In 2011 Actinic joined forces with Oxatis a French ecommerce provider to create an online cloud based ecommerce system Actinic by Oxatis. The brand name Actinic was later taken over by Oxatis. The platform used the Actinic brand name for several years but has now reverted back to the brand name Oxatis UK.

SellerDeck Services

Actinic Expert Website Services

Desktop Versions 3 to 11

Peblaco is an Actinic desktop expert with over 15 years experience, we have worked on a large number of Actinic websites and have an extensive knowledge of the software. Peblaco has been one of the top contributors in the Actinic community with advice and help for users. We offer consultancy, strategy, usability, design, development, templates, themes, upgrades, maintenance, SEO, marketing, exclusive support and premium customer service. We help clients increase enquiries and sales. Our high standard of work has highly rated reviews.

Actinic Online by Oxatis

Actinic the brand name is now owned by Oxatis UK Limited. Oxatis are Europe's leading provider of SaaS "Software as a service", meaning an online hosted cloud based ecommerce solution. The Actinic name now uses the Oxatis monthly subscription ecommerce service. The system replaces the old system Actinic Express.

Actinic Online powered by Oxatis

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