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Peblaco is a website design company with over 15 years experience. We offer consultancy, strategy, usability, design, development, ecommerce, templates, themes, upgrades, maintenance, SEO, marketing, exclusive support and premium customer service for ecommerce and information websites. We help clients build their business by implimenting design and development ideas to increase enquiries and sales. Our high standard of work has received highly rated reviews. We are based in the United Kingdom, but offer work remotely across the UK and worldwide. We have worked on websites from the UK, Ireland, France, USA and Canada.

Testimonials And Reviews

Peblaco offers the best combination of high quality work and premium customer service. Read testimonials and customer reviews.

SellerDeck And Actinic Specialist

  • Expert and specialist designer and developer for SellerDeck ecommerce software and Actinic desktop
  • Over 15 years experience using SellerDeck and Actinic working with clients to improve their business
  • Extensive knowledge of the software through years of dedicated research, testing, development and support
  • Worked with SellerDeck & Actinic teams to beta test software, reported issues for improvement and fixed code
  • Written code to extend the functionality of the default software to allow for new specific custom features
  • Peblaco has been one of the top contributors in the SellerDeck community writing advice and help for users
  • Services for website design, development and customisation of templates and themes
  • Fast track priority response for clients who have critical software technical support issues
  • As a recognised authority has worked on a large number of websites for clients, colleagues and developers
  • Our high standard of work, exclusive support and premium customer service has highly rated reviews

Expert for SellerDeck ecommerce software

Expert for Actinic desktop software

Peblaco website designer

We offer Peblaco Freelancer services for a variety of website design and development. Outsourcing to Peblaco Freelancers can be more cost efficient than training staff for a task. We are flexible, knowledgeable and have worked with clients on one-off and long term projects.

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